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Box People NFTs Launching on 18th Feb

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

We’re excited to announce the first drop of our NFT collection: Box People. Minting will be open from 18th February 2022, 5 AM EST. The collection contains 8,888 one-of-a-kind NFTs with original digital artworks depicting characters from all walks of life. Only 28 of these NFTs will be available for public sale during the first drop.

This collection is intended for people on a global scale and caters to the tastes of the young and old alike. Every Box person has a unique combination of traits including background, headgear, facial expressions, clothing, and more. The characters and their attributes are designed with inclusivity, creativity, and simplicity in mind to reflect the ethos of the community the project aspires to build.

Owners of Box People NFT will get exclusive access to new drops, events, and other perks throughout all upcoming seasons. They will also receive a Box People-style portrait of themselves along with branded merchandise down the line as the project crosses important roadmap milestones.

The Box People project is organizing their community on Discord where members can receive updates and talk about the project with like-minded people. Head over to the Box People Discord server to find out more.


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