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Metaverse Consumer Engagement Through Gaming

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

“Every day we’re asking, ‘How can we keep this customer happy?’ How can we get ahead in innovation by doing this, because if we don’t, somebody else will.” — Bill Gates. Never before in our history has it been as crucial for brands to keep customers engaged, especially in a world where technology evolves overnight. How can the Metaverse be leveraged to provide meaningful and sustainable solutions?

In today’s rapidly evolving world, change is no longer an option but a necessity. As the internet becomes increasingly more accessible, it has become a catalyst driving the rapid advancement of technology and ideas. The influx of new talent and innovation means that businesses can no longer afford to stand still. In a market where customers have endless options and are constantly updated on the latest buzz, businesses must adapt suitably to stay engaging, relevant, and ahead of the curve.

Globalization has largely been made possible due to the widespread adoption of the internet in recent decades. [1]

In our previous blog post, we explored the concept of the metaverse and the potential it offers for brands. To fully take advantage of its capabilities, brands need to understand the metaverse’s crucial role in fostering connections and creating immersive, memorable consumer experiences. Rather than viewing it as a one-off transaction, brands must approach the metaverse as a continuous journey — one that is focused on building long-term relationships with consumers and shaping a robust and distinctive brand identity.

A Fresh Breeze

The use of gaming in the metaverse has proven to be an effective strategy for grabbing consumer attention and boosting brand awareness. A notable example is the collaboration between Wendy’s, a fast-food chain, and Fortnite, a popular battle royale game, through the “Keeping Fortnite Fresh” event.

The event was streamed live on Twitch and generated significant results, including more than 1.5 million minutes of public viewership on Twitch and a noticeable surge in social media mentions for Wendy’s. These impressive results are a testament to the metaverse’s potential to attract a large, engaged audience for brands. [2]

According to a Nielson study, Gatorade’s in-game advertising campaign in EA Sports titles saw a corresponding 24% increase in household spending on the brand. [3]

Bonding over Business

In addition to capturing consumer attention, Web 3.0 provides a relaxing and interactive environment where individuals can connect with like-minded people, participate in various activities, and engage more organically with the brand. This can be achieved through multiple means, such as virtual events and online lounges where social connections can thrive.

An example of a brand that has effectively utilized these opportunities is Chipotle, a Mexican grill restaurant. Chipotle has created social connections through its Roblox store and its yearly metaverse Halloween parties. During these events, players engage in various challenges and games, with rewards that can be redeemed at Chipotle’s physical locations. Through fostering a sense of community, Chipotle has effectively strengthened customer loyalty and established a clear brand identity in the public eye.

Fast food chain KFC garnered community support by collaborating with Chinese game title ‘Onmyoji’ in an AR scavenger hunt, similar to PokemonGO

One in a Million

Individuals who use the web frequently enjoy expressing their passions and personal style, striving to make a statement and establish their online identity. The metaverse presents a rare chance for customization, with numerous features and incentives to improve avatars and profiles.

Ready Player Me, an online avatar creation resource, allows users to upgrade their metaverse appearance with limited-edition digital customizations

Social news platform Reddit recently leveraged this opportunity by introducing digital avatars to its community. This move was successful, leading to the valuation of the site’s marketplace, Vaults, at an impressive $10.5 million. In just four months, 2.3 million users had acquired the new avatars. [4]

These personalization features allow users to customize their presence in the metaverse, creating a sense of familiarity and ownership that enhances the overall user experience.

Something for Everyone

Active participants in metaverse communities often have the chance to earn various rewards. Many brands implement reward systems for players participating in events, ranging from redeemable tokens to limited-edition avatars and accessory drops.

For example, earlier this year, fashion icon Tommy Hilfiger held a virtual fashion show on Roblox. Participants were encouraged to take part in quests that offered digital brand merchandise as rewards. With fashionable and unique merchandise at stake, users had the opportunity to win digital items such as the “golden hotdog backpack” and more. These incentives motivate public involvement in brand events and can also help create subconscious consumer habits.

Louis Vuitton’s early bid at leveraging metaverse gaming through digital collectibles. Players were granted these as rewards as they cleared the game’s levels.

Building the Future

The digital realm continues to knit diverse cultures and regions into a single, interconnected global community. The metaverse represents a valuable tool for fostering interpersonal connections and realism through its captivating and immersive experiences. With this in mind, brands must examine the metaverse and its gamification elements to remain relevant in the future. The possibilities of the metaverse are only limited by imagination, making its full impact yet to be seen.
At, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the digital landscape by providing businesses and brands with the resources and expertise to succeed in the metaverse. Our in-depth knowledge of Web 3.0 technologies enables us to anticipate the transformative impact they will have on digital engagement, identity, and ownership in the future.

We are committed to creating metaverse experiences that are not only captivating and engaging but also innovative and impactful. If you’re ready to take your brand to the next level, we invite you to collaborate with Let us help you harness the power of the metaverse and unleash your brand’s full potential.



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